Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rock - Paper- Scissor Tournament


Monday, March 9, 2009

A Peak Into Our Past...

I had mentioned earlier that pledging invokes a special, "Sigma Chi spirit." This spirit can manifest itself in many creative forms, this is no exception for Alumnus Daniel Hassan, who embodied this spirit and produced a poem about Sigma Chi:

In my cross I see not only pride

I see seven men standing by my side

I feel Benjamin throwing his badge in disgust

And saw hoe he gained the other five's trust

I feel Bell giving me a paternal look

And encouraging me to pick up that book

I know Jordan stares me down, and all he can see

Is a man of good character, and a student of fair ability

Lockwood knows he was not there from the start

But is proud that I am taking his work ethic to heart

Cooper is praying for me from the Chapter Eternal

In hope to keep me from entering the fires infernal

Scobey smiles and relaxes with an open mind

Without him our Spirit could not be defined

And Caldwell embraces me with his everlasting youth

And tells me

Son within this White Cross you will find the Truth

-Daniel Hassan
Iota Kappa

I believe it's important to remember our roots... therefore, it is not such a crazy idea that our chapter has blog, in fact, it is very fitting for a fraternity rooted in a literature society to now have a blog!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Loyal Sigs

Today, our chapter recognizes the select Life Loyal Sigs from our chapter. While I recognize that some of you may already be familiar with this distinction, some of our brothers may not...

Life Loyal Sigs are a brotherhood of alumni, young and old who continue to reap the benefits of Sigma Chi membership long after their college years. They include thousands of successful men in many professions, with such notables as David Letterman, Bill Marriott and Mike Ditka. Life Loyal Sigs exemplify the prosperity, achievement, idealism and deep sense of personal responsibility that we all wish for ourselves and our families. A Life Loyal Membership is the best way for members to take part in the enduring spirit and heritage of Sigma Chi.
(source: http://web.sigmachi.org/wps/portal/!ut/p/_s.7_0_A/7_0_2KH/.cmd/ad/.ar/168044463/.c/6_0_15I/.ce/7_0_2L2/.p/5_0_1UI/.d/0?New_WCM_Context=http://ilwwcm.sigmachi.org/ilwwcm/connect/Home/Sigma+Chi/About+Sigma+Chi/Support+Sigma+Chi/Life+Loyal+Membership/)

Our chapter has 37 extraordinary Life Loyal Sigs

Shawn Beihl, Fairleigh Dickinson '96
Marcus J. Berke, Fairleigh Dickinson '91
John J. Boris, Fairleigh Dickinson '97
Nicholas Christopher Buteas, Fairleigh Dickinson '07
Robert J. Calvano, Fairleigh Dickinson '91
Gregory J. Carrieri, Fairleigh Dickinson '01
Cheng-Chih Chen, Fairleigh Dickinson '04
John A. H. Clarke, Fairleigh Dickinson '89
Jason J. Collins, Fairleigh Dickinson '01
Richard A. Dwyer, Fairleigh Dickinson '99
Jeffrey D. Eischen, Fairleigh Dickinson '90
Peter Grygiel, Fairleigh Dickinson '88
Alexander M. Harmon, Fairleigh Dickinson '93
Daniel F. Hassan, Fairleigh Dickinson '05
William A. Hunt, Fairleigh Dickinson '90
Frank T. Illidge, Fairleigh Dickinson '88
Steven T. Kofsky, Fairleigh Dickinson '93
Aaron C. Liebman, Fairleigh Dickinson '06
Michael A. Matt, Fairleigh Dickinson '95
Troy M. McClellan, Fairleigh Dickinson '10
Victor Melillo, Fairleigh Dickinson '91
Michael P. Migliorino, Fairleigh Dickinson '07
Steven A. Nicolini, Fairleigh Dickinson '00
Nicholas R. Pantaleo, Fairleigh Dickinson '03
Endri Petrela, Fairleigh Dickinson '09
Nicholas J. Pino, Fairleigh Dickinson '06
Frank S. Plefka, Fairleigh Dickinson '94
Andrew J. Rathbun, Fairleigh Dickinson '96
Brent Michael Remetta, Fairleigh Dickinson '03
Michael A. Saccomanno, Fairleigh Dickinson '94
Joe W. Sandomeno, Fairleigh Dickinson '01
Owen Satchell, Fairleigh Dickinson '08
Joel Stephen Shurley, Fairleigh Dickinson '03
Joshua D. Sims, Fairleigh Dickinson '09
William F. Smith, Jr., Fairleigh Dickinson '88
Robert Stracher, Fairleigh Dickinson '92
Phillip J. Suarez, Fairleigh Dickinson '00

(Source: http://www2.sigmachi.org/life_loyal/donor_list_by_school.phtml?strSchool=Fairleigh+Dickinson&PHPSESSID=90577d6a5bfa73f22e646896a817f37f)

Today, our chapter recognizes the efforts of these distinct brothers in trying to make our chapter stronger and more reputable. Thank you!

If you are interested in becoming a Life Loyal Sig and have further inquiries, maybe this guide will help to resolve any questions you may have:

Becoming a Life Loyal Sig Keeps You in Touch:
Reach an exclusive network of members and stay connected with brothers for life.

Receive a lifetime subscription to The Magazine of Sigma Chi, which chronicles the lives and achievements of more than 200,000 living members.

Get exclusive communications from the Grand Consul.

Be recognized for your membership in The Magazine of Sigma Chi.

Distinguish your status as a Life Loyal Sig at international Fraternity events.

Sigma Chi Mementos Come with Membership
The iconic lapel pin, wallet card and deluxe certificate that distinguish your involvement and association with this special group.

Saves You Money
One-time membership fee will cover International Alumni Program annual dues for life (Permanent exemption can represent a savings of more than $2,000).

Advances the Mission of the Fraternity
Membership funds international organization activities and support services to undergraduate and alumni chapter programs.

Assists with educating new members on the ideals, objectives, signs and heraldry of Sigma Chi.

Helps provide values-based leadership training to cultivate an appreciation of and commitment to the core values of friendship, justice and learning.

Contributes to the production of recruitment materials and recruiter programs.

Funds Alumni Communications
The Magazine of Sigma Chi, published four times per year, contains news and information to recognize, inform, educate and entertain members.

Communications from the international organization and insider commentary from the current Grand Consul of Sigma Chi.