Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Recruitment Events

Meet The Fraternities
Monday February 1st 8pm-11pm; Located in the Student Center Lobby

This event is a chance for all of the fraternities to meet students that are interested in Greek life. This event is held in the Student Center lobby, where each organization will set up a table representing their respective organization. Groups of potentials interested will be taken around to each organizations table and be given the chance to talk to groups about their organization. After the “round- about,” the potentials will be urged to hang-out at Bottle Hill Room in the Student Center, where each organization will have members hanging out.

Sigma Chi Info Session
Friday February 5th + February 15th at 8pm; Located in the Florham Rm. In the Student Center Lobby
We invite all potentials from Meet the Fraternities to come and learn more about our chapter and a Fraternity as a whole. This is an opportunity for us to get to know the potentials on a more personal level and provides an opportunity for them to ask any questions about us and what opportunities we can provide. Typically, we will show a recruitment video, a Power-point presentation, as well as,  a chance to meet some of our brothers face-to-face. We would love to have any Alumni participation at both of these events to offer insight on what Sigma Chi has done in the past and the role it plays in your lives today. 

X-BOX Gaming Night
Wednesday February 10th at 7:30pm; Located at Twombly Lounge

We plan to invite all potential new-recruits to have a relaxing night playing X-Box video games and hanging out with the brothers. This gives the brothers and opportunity to get to know the potentials better, as well as the potentials to get to know us in a more casual setting. This event would be sponsored by one of our Alumnus, who has offered to help us by donating some X-Boxes. Again, we encourage Alumni attendance at this event.

David Letterman Show
Wednesday February 17th in NYC by 3pm

This recruitment event would be a trip into The City to attend a taping of the Late Show, hosted by fellow Sig, David Letterman. We plan to invite the potential new-recruits to attend, as well as many brothers that can attend.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Message From Alumnus A.J. Rathbun

Just wanted to let you know I'm taking part in the 2010 Polar Bear Plunge on Saturday, February 27, 2010. As many of you know, funds raised through the Polar Bear Plunge help to advance the goal of Special Olympics New Jersey, to provide free year-round training and competition in 24 Olympic-type sports to more than 18,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Having worked at the Special Olympics Summer Games in the past I've gotten to see firsthand the joy on the faces of the athletes who participate in the various events. Seeing those smiling faces makes it easy to make the dive into the frigid waters of the Atlantic, but that's only part of it, and why I need your help.

You can make an online donation of any amount by visiting my personal donation page and helping me reach my fund-raising goal;

Many companies will also do a matching donation for funds contributed to Special Olympics so your donation can have an even greater impact.

We're also looking for folks who may want to take the plunge themselves (with a bar crawl afterward). If you're interested in participating, go to the link below and click on "Plunger Registration". When prompted, indicate you want to join a team and choose team "Sofa Kings". Either way I appreciate your support.


Highlights from the Monmouth Foodbank


Monday, December 14, 2009

Election Results Fall '09

We congratulate the following brothers for their new roles within the chapter:

Annotator:  Rich Passanissi
Magister:  Troy McClellan
Risk Manager:  Victor Ukmar
Tribune:  Mike Gill
Chapter Editor:  Victor Ukmar
Historian:  John Zahuta
IGC:  Mike Gill + John Zahuta
Scholarship:  Suhail Hassam
Social/Formal:  Jeremy Eckles
Public Relations:  Victor Ukmar
Philanthropy:  Brendan Welch
Greek Week:  Rich Passanissi

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Meet John Zahuta of the Alpha Iota Pledge-Class

I am sophomore at Fairleigh Dickinson University and intent to major/minor in one of the following areas:  political science and/or sociology.

I am from Denville, New Jersey. In getting to know me, you may find me to be affable; I am easy to get along with and enjoy meeting new people. My personal hobbies include astronomy, politics, intermural sports, watching spectator sports of various kinds and hanging out with people in general.

My favorite movies include: Star Wars, Forrest Gump, James Bond, the Batman series and basically anything Mel Brooks, John Hughes and Tim Burton.

My music preferences varies. it includes music from the 1960's to the early-90's. Favorite bands/singers include: Aerosmith, Beatles, Doors, Smash Mouth, Van Halen and Weird Al Yankovic.

Of all the fraternities offered on campus...
I chose to pledge Sigma Chi because I felt connected to its members.
I am confident that I can help the Brotherhood achieve its goals and realize its intentions, and in doing so, it will be beneficial to myself and the organization as a whole.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Enter 2010@Lugano eTourism Conference


I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving break, and I appreciate the brothers that volunteered at the NY/NJ Alumni philanthropy event at the Monmouth Foodbank.

The other day I talked to our Brother Greg Byrnes, currently residing in Switzerland, and he informed me of an exciting event that he is coordinating in Lugano, Switerland.

Lugano is described on the web page for the event (

Lugano is located in the Southern – Italian speaking part of Switzerland, in the Canton Ticino, that has always been a bridge between the Mediterranean and the Northern part of Europe.

The town, lies on the marvelous Lake of Lugano, surrounded by spectacular mountains offering splendid viewpoints. The traffic-free historic town centre, the numerous buildings in Italianate Lombardy style, the exclusive museums, the mountains, lake and a packed calendar of events all invite visitors to see the sights, soak up the atmosphere – and enjoy “dolce far niente”. Moreover, Lugano is a major Swiss center for tourism, trade, banking and culture.

With Mediterranean elegance, Lugano offers all the benefits of a world-class city, combined with the cachet of a small town.

The event, entitled:  The 17th International Conference on Information Technology and Travel & Tourism, will be taking place February 10 – 12, 2010, should prove to be an exciting conference; guest speaker’s include, among others, agents representing Google and

Again, on their website, (; they even provide an easy method for booking flights. The  itinerary should prove to be an excellent networking opportunity for anyone looking to advance his or her career within the tourism industry.

Registration is easy and can be done here.