Monday, March 9, 2009

A Peak Into Our Past...

I had mentioned earlier that pledging invokes a special, "Sigma Chi spirit." This spirit can manifest itself in many creative forms, this is no exception for Alumnus Daniel Hassan, who embodied this spirit and produced a poem about Sigma Chi:

In my cross I see not only pride

I see seven men standing by my side

I feel Benjamin throwing his badge in disgust

And saw hoe he gained the other five's trust

I feel Bell giving me a paternal look

And encouraging me to pick up that book

I know Jordan stares me down, and all he can see

Is a man of good character, and a student of fair ability

Lockwood knows he was not there from the start

But is proud that I am taking his work ethic to heart

Cooper is praying for me from the Chapter Eternal

In hope to keep me from entering the fires infernal

Scobey smiles and relaxes with an open mind

Without him our Spirit could not be defined

And Caldwell embraces me with his everlasting youth

And tells me

Son within this White Cross you will find the Truth

-Daniel Hassan
Iota Kappa

I believe it's important to remember our roots... therefore, it is not such a crazy idea that our chapter has blog, in fact, it is very fitting for a fraternity rooted in a literature society to now have a blog!

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