Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Jordan Standard

Through the process of pledging, we find that our future brothers become motivated in a multitude of ways. Maybe through the process of pledging, our future brothers discover what role they want to play within the chapter; the role that they want to play in their lives after their undergraduate years.

The following post was written by former-Consul Anthony Gallo of the Alpha-Alpha pledge class. He writes on what the Jordan Standard means to him:

The Jordan Standard is one of three sacred texts of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. This document sets the par requirements for membership in the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Such standards include: a man of good character, a student of fair ability, having ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility. These seven attributes are essential to success both in the business world, and for personal fulfillment.

Good character is defined by being trustworthy, caring, fair, responsible, and respectable. Having good character implies that a man is inherently possessed of good morals, a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility. Without these three one cannot achieve good character, it is through these other traits that one learns responsibility.

A man of good character knows the difference between right and wrong, without this inherent knowledge it is impossible for a man to become respected by his peers, and idolized by his successors. Throughout my life I was always taught that my mistakes are my mistakes and I must take responsibility for them, and that I must always set a good example through everything I do, because my actions define who I am.

It is also required to be a student of fair ability with ambitious purposes. Being a genius, and having everything come easy to you, does not necessarily define a student of fair ability. This criteria is satisfied on the condition that, as long as you work to the best of your abilities, and if you stumble, learn from mistakes. Having ambitious intentions is to want more; to be better, to work harder. Without ambition, where is the motivation? Ambition is the drive, which runs a person, without ambition, hard work is a mired quandary.

Having a congenial disposition is the most influencing criteria when it comes to how others perceive one. A congenial disposition makes a person approachable, and can be a major factor in their success; both the business world and their own personal lives. A congenial disposition also entails a positive outlook on life and events. Someone having a positive attitude is more inviting than a someone with a negative attitude.

Good morals are essential for attaining proper ethics; morals help to give the distinction between right and wrong. It is crucial to have a strong ethical background, for it is through morals that we react accordingly when faced with moral a dilemma, and this determines the difference between a success and a failure.
A high sense of honor defines a person’s reputation, their moral identity, and self-perception. Honor is the ability for a person to become a role model and distinguish themselves from others. Having a high sense of honor makes others look up to you and feel compassionate about yourself, and your causes.

A deep sense of personal responsibility is a societal influence that binds someone to his or her duties. The ability to take on the necessary tasks to succeed, along with being able; to prioritize, defines responsibility.
I believe that these standards are necessary and without these seven characteristics, it is difficult for a person to reach their full potential. These traits have been instilled within me at some point in my life, however, it was not until I pledged Sigma Chi, and discovered the Jordan Standard that I realized the importance of working to personify each of these qualities.

-Anthony Gallo ‘08
Iota Kappa Chapter

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